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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Gossip / Chattiness / Gender Stereotypes

I always laughed in high school because I was a cheerleader, and everyone thought we were such gossips - but I always got the really good gossip from the soccer team when I saw with soccer guys in chemistry class. In college, my fraternity member boyfriend and his roommates were far more gossipy than my sorority sisters.

Now, my fiance spends hours on the phone with a friend of his who is having girl trouble. The friend is dating a girl, but wants to break it off because he loves the chase, yet he also wants to settle down. My fiance has spent 3 hours over the past 2 evenings on the phone with him about it. I've barely gotten to talk to him. I'd laugh, if it wasn't so infuriating because there are days when I don't get to talk to my fiance because he's monopolized on the phone by his friend. I can't wait until this guy settles down and stops calling my fiance for girl advice for hours on end.


How is it that women get the stereotype of being chatty and gossipy, again? In my experience, time and time again, guys have been the gossips and the chatty kathys!

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