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Got a response to my racist waitstaff email

And it's a mixed bag:

"I heard about this, and know exactly what you are talking about.
The staff have been told this kind of behavior is totally inappropriate.
Saying that, one of the girls involved is part Asian."


To recap: At lunch on Sat. two waitresses were at the bar arguing about whether or not Japan was part of Asia. The the one who insisted it wasn't played a racist YouTube video, and then had a loud conversation about whether or not Asians eat dog and cat.

After I left, Mr. I confronted them about their racist YouTube video, and they apparently expressed remorse for upsetting us (a very Canadian way to be racist sigh) and the girl who had been denying that Japan was part of Asia told him she was part Japanese, evidentially forgetting that she had been claiming Japan was not part of Asia.


So, the "one of the girls is part Asian" even more problematic than it would be under other circumstances.

So now I am trying to decide what to do next. Do I write back and point out how this does not in fact mitigate anything, or let it go? It's Mr. I's favourite watering hole.

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