Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Earlier I was in the bathroom and pooped well let’s just say ginormous. It flushed badly. I flushed again worse.

So I took out the plunger and started plunging. Water went down slooooowly.

Did I call my mother for help? Nope

I flushed again. Water well it did not go down by much. I kept plunging with the plunger. Except for getting drenched in sweat nothing much happened. It was hot today.


Did I call my mother for help? Nope.

My near fatal error. I flushed again. Whooooosh. Water on bathroom floor which streamed into the hallway. Stopping three inches from the steps.


Did I call my mother for help? Ya better believe it.


Mom running to bottom of steps: Are you ok?

Me: I need more towels.

I was tossing towels from the closet to the bathroom floor.

Mom: What did you do?

She stepped into bathroom.

Me: It was huge. Toilet clogged and I was helping by unclogging it.

Mom: How are you helping when you create a mess?

She unclogged it in thirty seconds then we dried the floor.

Me: At least the toilet water was clean you do not have to wash the floor now.

Mom: Dirty look. Call me when its clogged do not handle it yourself.

She then handed me black bags for the towels to be brought down cellar to be washed. The towels went into the black bags.


Lesson: If water does no go down all the way do NOT flush.

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