So I succumbed to the pressure of the As Seen on TV aisle at CVS and purchased a vegetable spiralizer. I tried it today, and it is actually pretty good! I just got one of the handheld, cone-shaped ones, not the kind with a crank.

(I also posted this in the open thread, but I find that if you’re too late to that game, nobody sees your post. Forgive me for reposting here, if it’s a problem.)

First up: carrots and daikon radish. The carrots weren’t very large, and I think big ones would work better. The daikon were perfect and easy to use with the tool. Added some rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, and sesame seeds — pretty good.

Next was butternut squash. You have to trim it to fit in the cone, and I had a lot of waste; I think it would be easier to just use a vegetable peeler. But what I managed to get spiralized, microwaved for 3 minutes with butter and maple syrup, was just delicious.

Have you tried one of these things? I got some yellow squash and some ground chicken, will try something with those ingredients tomorrow night (Go Colts)...