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Got an Rx for Some Brain Glue Today

So, I finally had an appointment with a psychiatrist. I really like her.

She was very thorough and attentive; I've had bad experiences with doctors of all kinds and my biggest complaint is that they don't listen to me. We went through a whole medical history and had a solid hour appointment.

So my diagnoses are double depression (dysthymia and clinical depression, wo0-hoo) and OCD. I have a prescription for Zoloft that I'll start this week and gradually ramp up.


I know meds work differently for everyone, but I really hope this one works well for me instead of having to try a whole bunch of different drugs. I feel relieved: I've been making big steps to pull myself out and I feel like this could be the final thing to push me into a mentally healthy and normal plane of existence.

Also, if you are one of those anti-psychiatric meds in all circumstances people and feel like telling me I just need to do yoga and eat vegetables to cure my depression, please fuck off.

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