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GoT and Mad Men thoughts-Spoilers

La la la la Spoiler song la la la la spoiler song


So GoT and Mad Men coming back at the same time I have some thoughts:

-Sally reminds me of Betty so much in her stance when she smokes, I know a lot of it is my brain but Kiernan Shipka worked out really well from little kid to young woman


-Speaking of kids with Joffrey gone, for the moment Tommen who has barely been a person before is now lead Lannister kid and it's odd. It'd be like if all of a sudden Sally left and now we have to care about Bobby or Gene Draper.

-The Geekboy's reaction to the Cersei and Jamie scene: "What the fuck do those people think rape is?"


-Geekboy during Mad Men: "Call me if there's another Roger orgy"

-Watching the shows back-to back is very odd, especially when you consider that if Mad Men went to HBO it probably would have gone a little crazy on the sex/boobs side and might not have lasted as long as it did.


-Peggy needs to be punched in the face or have her mother come yell at her. Because seriously.

-If Lou Avery doesn't get taken down in fantastic Don Draper fashion I'm going to be mad.


-I just realized that knight guy on Team Khalessi was recast. I was like "What happened to the long-haired dude and who's this random guy?"

-Also just found out the plane lady from Mad Men was Neve Campbell. I'm going to start 90s Bingo for Mad Men this season.

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