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Got Deleted AND Banned on Facebook! WOOHOO!

I have this one longtime family friend who is always doing questionable things and is basically only ever all about herself. Over the years the 2 of us have bumped heads a number of times, but this time we are officially DONE. I could not be happier!

This womans mother (who I also know) has been ill for a long time. She is in and out of hospitals frequently and her health is declining more rapidly as of late. Well, what does this "friend" do? Takes a series of photos of her mother hooked up to all sots of machines, laying on what appears to be her deathbed and posts them to facebook.

Okay, fine. That's fucked up to me. But I gave the woman the benefit of the doubt and thought that MAYBE she was just in a weird state and did something dumb. Then 3 days ago she posts photos of her with her arm around her grandson, cheesing like a motherfucker in the ICU while her mother laid comatose in the background. She was literally posing as if she were standing in front of Cinderellas castle.


This, to me, is fucking repulsive behavior. I just can't even understand why someone would think to do this type of thing. So I did the SUPER MATURE thing and wrote a not-so-cryptic status update about how gross it is to do things like that. BOOM! Deleted and blocked! And because she's super self aware, her reaction was to ask my sister "what she ever did to me". Uh, hi. It's not about what you did to me. It's about what you do to the woman you're supposed to love the most. You're disgusting.

Part of me feels like I should feel bad about this but I just don't. Is that wrong? I've known her for over 20 years. But the older she gets, the more fucked up shit she does and has no self awareness about any of it. This was just the last straw. I'm done dealing with people who do shit like this and pretending that it's okay. So...goodbye old friend. Have fun being a fucking jerk!

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