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GOT is too triggery for me to watch and die-hard book fans don't help

TW: rape, incest, violence (Don't MP)
CN: snotty fans


I've decided to stop watching GOT.

The first episode of this season is what did it for me. Specifically, the ending scene where the Hound and Arya go to village bar. A woman was being sexually assault in a corner. Too triggery for me. But I pushed through, telling myself that future episodes wouldn't be that bad. If you saw last night's episode, you'll know that I was wrong. Cersei was raped by her brother Jaime. After seeing I decided that I just can't.

I think I could continue to watch if I could discuss these scenes with other people. Part of what makes a triggery show watchable (for me) is talking about it with other people, talking about why the scene in particular mirrors something very real that actually happens in irl. But book reading people are always quick to bring up the books to assert a lording authority over how to interpret violence and rape on TV shows. Example- Some fans I've spoken with are claiming that the rape scene last night "wasn't really rape" cus the books, and also, the director said it was consensual in the end like in the books, so it's okay. :D

This is a TV show based on a series of books. The way something happened on the show may or may not correspond to the way things happen in the book. And a description of something that did happen in the book may look vastly different in real life, especially to people who are survivors of sexual assault and rape. For that reason, I HATE it when people dismiss non-readers' experiences by say "Yeah, but in the book it was different, therefore you're looking at it wrong you ignorant plebeian."

Related: people who dismiss problematic elements of the book/show with "It's middle ages morality! Whaddaya gonna do?" Cus heinous rape and forcible incest only ever happened in the middle ages. So dismissive. I just can't do it any more.

ETA: another thing I think bothers me is that some fans are angry about the rape scene, but only insofar as it disagrees with the books. The general fact that there is yet another rape committed in a gratuitous fashion might or might not be bothersome if it was in line with the books, I guess.

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