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Got manga samplers at Fleamarket for six dollars 12 books 50 cents each

I got .Hack Legend of the Twilight books one to three, this seems self contained. Books 1 to 4 of Ragnarok, Books 1 to 4 Ruroini Kenshin. Plus a .Hack novel. It was literally in the last row I went to. Entering very last row I thought “oh just a diet coke for one dollar and that’s all”. Nope that last row changed it all.

We then went to McD I got a medium chocolate shake and we split two sausage burritos. The burritos came with mild picante sauce. The shake was quite good, I should have stirred it. The burritos were burritos at McDs. Tasty and filling and cheap.

No idea if they are good or not. I want to finish Cassius first. Fantastic novel about a kick ass cleric defending the Empire.


Anyone familiar with these series

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