It was not even 4:00 today, when I finished. And the difference between what I owe for federal and what I get back from state is a whopping $0.30. So I'm feeling OK about all of it.

Otherwise: Ugh, the work week starts again. I want to arrange some contraption that keeps my Verilux Happy Light in front of my eyeballs at all times. I bought this model because Martha Stewart said it really worked for her canaries (who probably have a higher yearly income than I do โ€” and certainly a higher standard of living). It has a 10,000-lumen high setting for morning use, and a 6,000-lumen low setting for evening use. Have been using it for an hour in the mornings, at work โ€” but think I need to bring it home for use right after I wake up. Have any of you used one of these?