It wasn't bad at all. The surgeon was very kind and personable, and the nurses complimented my tattoos when they were putting the heart rate monitor on me. :)

They put me under full anesthesia so the whole procedure literally felt like it took 30 seconds, when in reality they said it was only 15 minutes from start to finish. Really simple pull, wasn't impacted so they didn't have to break it, etc. I was in the chair at 11:30 and at home on my couch with a milkshake at 1:15. My friend drove me and said he was surprised that I was so coherent on the drive home, which surprised me too. Like, he wasn't very familiar with my part of town, yet I was able to give him adequate directions to my house AND to chick fil a to acquire my milkshake. Which was FUCKING DELICIOUS, by the way. Whoever it was here that said the post-surgery milkshake is like manna from the gods was TOTALLY RIGHT. Best dessert of my life right there.

I feel a little achy and weak today, but otherwise A-OK. I've just been sleeping and resting so that my body can focus on healing first. Also, I have eaten literally ALL of the mashed potatoes and ice cream. Earlier I watched the Lady Gaga Muppets Christmas Special and couldn't tell if it was A. real life B. a fever dream or C. pain pills. Pretty entertaining.

I'm escited for Groupdrink tonight! I have been all by my lonesome today and now I am ready to read/participate in shenanigans.