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Got one too many creepster emails today and I snapped

I have seriously had it with the kids. This is from an 18 y/o with no picture who lives at least two hours from me. I get SO MANY EMAILS from the 18-26 set. I'm 43. Yeah, I'm a good-looking, youthful 43, but sheesh...come on!

Him: Maybe we can chat and see where it goes. I'm 18 white 5'5 135Ibs. It's gonna be Discreet btw. Also age doesnt matter to me. And yes I have a pic, just not on my profile, ill send it via email if youre interested?

Me: Are you fucking high? Did your mom drop you on your head repeatedly when you were a child. In what insane fantasy world do you think it's possible I would be interested in a shady ass barely legal shithead like you? Please fuck off.


Then I blocked him.

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