Ok, so I felt like I connected with this guy on OK Cupid and that it was a strong match and when we went our coffee date that it went well. It wasn't the most amazing date or connection ever but the strongest one I've had in awhile. I was a little astonished to not hear from him within the first 24 hours of meeting with him but thought , OK, he's not going to pressure me. After 48 hours, I texted and suggested a possible date for the weekend and I'd send him the information if he emailed me at my (not ok cupid) address. And he didn't text back or even email me (after he initiated the initial text exchange). I would have preferred he respond to the text, but, whatever.

*sigh* I had some pretty awesome plans for the weekend that I was going to cancel. for him just to get some 'action'....*sigh* another weekend of mountain biking and hanging with good friends instead :)

But, still, this is the first date I've had in years. I don't date often because there are so few people I have a connection with....sad.