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Got some fun shtuff today (makeup & LUCKY CHARMS)

(Picture is from here!!!) I went to Sephora and I got this Sephora+Pantone palette because it's just gawgeousss and was on sale for $25. Seriously, I don't want to use this because it's just so pretty! The colors are lovely and most of them are well-pigmented (the matte colors aren't the best, to be honest. But they're still quite pretty!). AND I GOT MY FIRST OCC LIP TAR! It was an impulse buy. I had my eye on this color last week when I went into Sephora. I really shouldn't have bought it because I bought more than enough non-essential things this week, but I couldn't resist.

I got this one in Black Metal Dahlia, which is a burgundy red with glitter. SO MUCH FUN! It looks like this (this is not me!):



And of course...I BOUGHT SOME LUCKY CHARMS CEREAL! I haven't had that in YEARS. I primarily bought it to pick out the marshmallows to put in a jar to give to my boyfriend as one of his birthday gifts (thanks, Buzzfeed for the idea!), but there were marshmallows left over. Plus I love the regular cereal part of it.

Anyway, today was a happy shopping day :). It made up for the fact that I finished watching Top of the Lake which was absolutely GUT-WRENCHING.

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