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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GOT Spoiler Thread!!

Goshdarnit it all! I'm reading the GOT thread on MP and some of you have kindly spoilered freely and others are holding back! I won't have it. I won't. Now you bastards that have read the books best start spoiling properly.

I saw something about a snow castle scene regarding Sansa. What is this please? And some other stuff that you all talked about as if everyone read the books and understands you. Well, I'm lazy and I couldn't manage to get into the novels so if you spoil make sure there is enough detail.


Now the most important question: Who is going to die?! List please.

Also I know about ZombieCat and I am totally unhappy about that. She is the reason for the death of the Starks. Ugh and that stupid Robb. So no Catelyn talk. None. Banned!

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