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Got unasked out by an OKC guy. Bullet, you are dodged.

Chatted last night for quite awhile. It was fun. Dude asks me out. I say "yes," we make plans, then these conversations happen.

1. He seems to think that women posting revealing photos are an invitation for men to send unsolicited dick pics. I said "No, that's a bunch of vile, bullshit rape culture. You can't imply consent from cleavage." He said "yeah, I guess that's true" and I considered the matter done.

2. He asked if I dated more than one person at a time. I said "No. Generally I don't. It's too much work." He then asked if any of the men I had dated off OKC were dating other women and said "Beats me. I doubt it, but nothing ever got serious enough with anyone to have that conversation. As far as I'm concerned, relationships aren't exclusive unless we mutually agree on exclusivity." Then he said

Because I don't want to catch any diseases

Yes, he did say that. He implied if I were the kind of person to date multiple people at a time, (which I'm not, but that's not the point) I'm a diseased slut. I flipped out a bit. I pretty much said "WTF? Jesus, do you think I'm a fucking idiot? Plus, it's a hell of an assumption to make that you're going to get that opportunity before you've met me. Even in jest, that's not funny."


So then he was like "Oh it's the chat function. Someone the conversation got off track. We can talk about this tomorrow when I call you. I didn't mean what you think I meant." I was like "Ok. Fine. We can move on." I wasn't thrilled about him, but I was kind of like, well...maybe there was a glitch. The conversation died, needless to say. I was ready to call off the date, but was super tired and thought things might clear up when we talk.

Then I get an email from him this afternoon unasking me out, saying upon thinking on it, he doesn't think we're a good match. Yeah...no shit buddy. I don't date slut-shaming rape-culture apologists who go into it assuming they're going to score.


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