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Gotham Fall Finale have we been tricked? Spoilers








Could we just be assuming Bruce will be Batman? Is in fact Gotham really be about the coming of Owlman? When Silver Dumas asked Bruce his favorite animal he said owl.


Bruce lately has really been cold blooded and border line sociopathic the last few episodes. He knew Silver sudden plea helped delay the killing yet he never told Gordon to save her.

Gordon. What can I say. His daughter is paralyzed by the Joker, wife killed by Joker. Batman steps back to let Gordon kill him and he does not. Yet he kills Galavan.

We all know Thompkins will miscarry so why have her pregnant. Being the mother of Barbara (Batgirl) or Jim Jr makes no sense. You would need to rewrite the canon and ignore decades of canon for this.

Also realistically how does Jim get his badge back? It was a cold blooded execution he did.


I wonder how many people will say goodbye to the show after tonight.

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