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Not sure how I feel. I enjoy it but so much is contrary to what has been in the comics since the start.


A) Ages. Bullock is younger then Gorden not by much but still younger. Montoya is suppose to be younger then Bruce not Gordons age. Oswald I agree. Selina and Ivy same age as Bruce. I agree.

B) I really have a problem with Bruce and Selina knowing each other now. It seems to totally fly in the face of 75 years of the story. I assume at one point in Batman Eternal one of.them will blurt out 'remember as kids we". Yes adjustments have been made over the years of their first meeting but this is extreme.


The stories and acting is very good. My mother loves the show but she thought Gordon would be Batman. I am just taking thisshow akin to Denny O'Neils Legends comic series which was not really canon.

Your thoughts. I would be interested to see if they incorporate any of the show into the comics like they did with Harley from the carton series. I assume it will not be Fish, my thinking is Oswald will kill her and take over her territory this season or next.

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