So I'm in the middle of my sixth unpaid internship in graduate field. It's at basically the most prestigious place in the country, but, like everything else, it is clearly not leading to a job. I'm starting to have serious conversations with my dad (basically the only family I still talk to) and the few other people who are around in my life about how to start over. There's nothing for me in this new city, and I can't afford to live here, and there's nothing for me back where I'm from. I have to deal with the crushing debt of grad school, but I guess I'm really not going to pursue my field anymore. I tried and failed and can't keep doing this. So, I have to figure out a different place to be and a way to be occupied and support myself but give up on my dreams. And then I'll probably have to mostly disconnect with the rest of the world, too, because it will make me so sad to see everyone else celebrating life milestones.

Sorry if it seems like I'm being melodramatic, I'm not. I'm just starting to come to terms with acceptance.