Today was a landmark day for me. I bought my first brand new vehicle and I totally love it. I have to tell the (Internet) world!

Some background: I’m a real car freak. But... I’ve never been in a place where I could buy what I love. Everything had been about what I could afford and need. I’ve been driving a 1997 Jimmy that was my dad’s favorite. I drove it for 12 years. Dad passed a bit more than a year ago, right when the Jimmy was nearing its end. At 180k miles the cost of repair doesn’t make sense anymore. I had posted about this a while back and someone cross posted that to opposite lock. The folks there asked me a few great questions that helped me think. What I ended up with was a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport and today I drove it home. Bright cherry red with the soft top and just enough options to make a basic vehicle feel luxury (for me). I finally have a manual transmission back after almost 20 years of automatic and it is heaven. The black running boards are just badass.

I now have a car payment that I didn’t want but I also don’t have a daughter in college and our mortgage is paid. I’ve worked hard and I think I’m due. Winter is about to set in so I won’t be able to peel the top back until spring, but I’ll make the most of it by finding the perfect pair of Ray Bans this winter. Everyone should have one big dream come true and the longer you wait the sweeter it is.