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Governor Scott Walker Signs Anti-Abortion Bill In Secret

In latest Worthless As Shit Politician news, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed an anti-abortion bill mandating ultrasounds and hospital admitting privileges for abortion providers in his state.

Perhaps taking a page out of Texas Republicans' book and realizing that the only way to get away with being this much of a slimeball is to cheat, Wilson "quietly" signed this bill in secret and announced it after the fact.


This bill is designed to help "improve" women's decisions about their own bodies, "improve" in this case being synonymous with "restrict as much as we humanly can to get them out of the workplace and the public sphere and back being powerless like in the Good Old Days." It's becoming clearer and clearer that in the minds of these politicians, women equal children, who must be protected from themselves and cannot be trusted to make any choices whatsoever.

In other news, I cannot think of a reprisal bad enough for a politician who would so blatantly try to stop half of his state's population from having agency over their own health and lives. In other other news, they're not even trying to hide this shit anymore. They all know exactly what they're trying to do - and we know it, too.

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