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I loved two of the novels Wrinkle In Time and a Wind In The Door. I am amazed Disney did not heavily promote this movie. Until this review I had forgotten about it. This is a classic story and looks like much was spent on it yet they put it in March, I suspect a weak part of the movie year.

Her review. Ok her reviews can be a bit weird and she speaks before she thinks at times. This review. Has she read the novesl? Charles Wallace to me was the most interesting character in the two books, a weak child physically with an incredible mind. There is also hints he may not be quite human. Sometimes I wonder if Data from Star Trek was not inspired by Charles Wallace. Both super formal speech patterns and Data like Charles far, far smarter then those around them both tried to be seen as people.


Never, ever once did I think Charles is a homosexual character. Why? He is five years old in Wrinkle can we NOT for heavens sake Grace if you read GT sexualize a five year old. Her theory on his sexuality makes me wonder “did you read and if you had paid attention to the novel?”. At no time was his sexuality alluded to. He is five.

Also the Michael Jackson reference made no sense.

Anyone read the novels going to see this movie?

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