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Grad School Applications and a Quarter-Life Crisis

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So, I have been realizing that I really need to get on my graduate school applications game. Except in doing so, I have kind of triggered a quarter-life crisis. This is about to be super rambly and possibly disconnected, but here it goes:

1. I know that I want to go to graduate school. But I am not completely sure that I know what I want to go for. I double majored as an undergraduate in psychology and gender studies, but now I'm so conflicted. On one hand, at the time the psych department at my school did not have a lot of clinical focus, so I ended up falling into social psychology. But there is no way I would go to school for social psychology. And yet, because of my lack of clinical experience, I'm afraid I would be rejected from any and all clinical programs. So instead I have been looking in to a lot of MSW programs that have clinical tracks. But then the problem becomes that PhD's are way more likely to be funded than masters programs. Which brings me to...


2. I have so much student debt that I really don't want to consider going back to graduate school if it will significantly add to my debt. A lot of my loans are private, which means they can't be deferred because the companies are awful. They go into repayment in a month, which is also stressing me out because...

3. I have a love/hate relationship with my living situation. Why hate? Because I'm overpaying for the apartment (by a lot), but not for the area (which means it's unlikely I could find a cheaper place). Also, my housemate is a little bit of a racist and also a little bit ridiculous. So many stories about this that will have to wait for a later time. But anyway, I have the opportunity to look at a place that might be cheaper, but then I have to find a way to move all my stuff (I don't drive) and extricate myself from this living situation. The love part? Mostly that it is close to my job and we have Apple t.v. But now that it isn't working, the scales are being tipped...


So right now I'm just kind of a mess of worry. Advice please! Are there any clinical social workers who can explain why they did an MSW instead of a PsyD? Or any psychologists who can give some advice? How many graduate schools can I apply to without it being too many? Should I move out of my apartment?


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