Be ye warned, a lot of whining follows! I don't have anyone IRL to talk to about this, and I know there are a lot of graduate students here who can maybe give some insight.

So, I'm a part-time grad student (I work full-time as a teacher and take classes at night towards my Masters). I've been inching along since Fall 2011 when I was put on a deferred admission status by the then-graduate coordinator, meaning that my first courses were considered "trials" to make sure I could handle the work (since my MA field was actually my undergraduate minor, they wanted to make sure I had adequate preparation). I was actually taken off that deferred status early by the new interim graduate coordinator โ€” she asked my professors and they said I did good work, she personally assessed my ability to hold my own, and she seemed surprised that I'd been put onto such a harsh requirement (I was told I'd need 2 courses when I applied; when I was accepted the old guy put me down for 4. For reference, I was taken off after 1).

Anyways, now I'm here, taking my last required course, leaving me with 2 electives and my thesis left. I'm SO CLOSE! My goal was to take the summer course they offered (they only offer 1), finish writing my thesis over the summer and register for the thesis course officially in the fall, concurrent with my last elective. There's no reason why I want to finish in December other than stubbornness and a desire to be DONE.

Unfortunately I just found out that the summer class is taught by the former grad coordinator โ€” a guy who's been put on probation for his terrible practices and who was forcibly removed from the grad coordinator position. I was hoping I would never have to take a class of his because I've heard the horror stories, but now I have to if I want to finish on my schedule. It's 3x a week for 5 weeks, smack dab in the middle of my summer โ€” meaning I won't have any work interference (yay!) but also meaning that my ability to travel is severely limited (boo!). I've heard terrible things about the way he teaches this course in particular โ€” that he extends the class beyond the already-long hours, that he assigns insane amounts of homework due by midnight even though he kept the class late, and that the material he teaches doesn't match the course description (as in, it's labeled a "grammar review" but is more of a straight linguistics class).


On the one hand, it may not be quite so bad since it's during the day (rather than at night like most classes) so if he goes over it's not the end of the world. It meets more often than most classes so maybe he won't feel so compelled to keep us late? And I have specialized experience in linguistics that most people don't have, so I might not find the content as hard as others did who didn't have that background.

On the other... this is going to ruin my summer (call the whambulance, I know) and possibly stress me out more than if I just sucked it up and went into the spring semester.


I could theoretically take two classes in the fall, along with the thesis โ€” dedicating the full summer to writing, and sucking up the crammed schedule in the fall. My hesitation is that my job demands quite a lot of my non-work time, and spending two nights a week in class plus my job is positively exhausting (I did it two falls ago and it was terrible. I cried a lot and wound up back in therapy because of the stress).

TL;DR I have no idea what to do with myself.