It's a miracle!!!!

But all jokes aside, I got offered a Research Assistant position today (our funding means we have to TA or RA for three years, and most people TA because there's not a lot of funding for RAs). It wasn't super competitive, because the professor works in a little bit of a niche field so there weren't too many applications. But I *do* want to work in that field, so it's awesome for me because he's a total rock star in it. It's more work than TA-ing, but it's an amazing opportunity to improve my research skills and he co-authors with his RAs a lot. I'm also happy because it's a little bit more of a structured job, which I've realized after this year is something that I really need. I still have to pass my comprehensive exam so I don't get kicked out of the program in August, but assuming I do that, this is a really exciting opportunity! (Plus the professor told me that he had talked to other people to help in the hiring decision and that I've made a very good impression in the department!)

In other news, I finished my 2nd (of 3) finals today, and so far I've been getting incredibly lucky. Both finals were made up of questions that were EXTREMELY similar to practice questions I'd done to prepare for the exam. Keep your fingers crossed that this luck continues through the comprehensive exam, because dear lord I do not want to have to take it twice (and I really don't want to fail it twice!)