Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So the other day I see I have been billed $6,000 for the summer trimester even though I am not taking any classes at all. In fact, my department is only offering one class and, of course, I have already taken it.

I think this is an error. I mean, 6,000 dollars for what?? I email student account services and they tell me that this is not an error. Grad students are billed continuously if they are registered for classes or not until all program credits have been billed, she explains to me.


She said I could request a leave of absence from my department, and then some committee or department or something would make a decision. I talked with my department and made the request. I guess I just have to wait around now for their answer.

I just don't understand, is this regular practice for a university? I am in a professional degree program, I am not going into academia nor am I funded by the university - only by myself. It's just $$$ I don't have and didn't think I would be billed when not taking classes.

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