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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Grad school is the worst

Eeeeeurgh. Committee meeting today to discuss my prospectus. Got some useful information, but I have to basically re-write my entire prospectus. I feel like an entire year's work has gone down the drain. I have had all this new research heaped on me.

This is pushing back my final completion date by like a year longer than I'd like, and I'm really wanting to move to where mrdaysaweek is (across the country) and get on with my life. I've sacrificed my social life to this program for 4 years now, and the thought of 2 more is really depressing.


Hugs, please?

Related: does anyone have experience writing up a dissertation in a location that is NOT your university? I just really need a change of scenery because I'm so depressed where I am right now.

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