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Grad school meals?

Ok this is advice week for me I suppose...

What are some budget meals to make during the week when your schedule is kinda crazy? It's looking like I'm working M,W,Th (I work 20 hours a week) and I have night classes MWTh and Tuesday I have 2 classes right in the middle of the day. Will probably have my 4 hour practicum on Friday mornings.

I did find out I like quinoa after a friend of mine made this off pinterest:


I think the only thing she didn't put in there was the tomatoes. It was very tasty and we were both surprised actually.

The only food items/dishes I don't like are: olives, cole slaw, cheesecake (sorry I will never like cheesecake and I tried so hard), I'm not much of a pie person either, although I'll eat the shit out of the crust (sorry pie lovers), Greek yogurt as a snack/dessert (never tried it in my actual cooking or anything)

Are there any websites y'all can suggest for low-budget meals? Also crock pot websites are good too, but I don't have a crock pot yet. I'd like those for later when it does snow here and yeah I know it's coming...

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