So I found today out that my department and all my dissertation committee members rescheduled my A oral exam* without telling me about it. Apparently there was this whole e-mail chain back and forth and they all agreed to a new time. I was not included on this e-mail. (Clerical oversight.)

The problem is, I will be flying out of town at the time they rescheduled.

I saw the e-mail and immediately started panicking—like heart palpitations. I already had very little sleep last night as I was finishing up the third and final written A exam for my committee chair. Three days of basically non-stop paper writing. I was exhausted and emotionally raw from the stress. I couldn't handle it. I actually found out about all this during a meeting with another professor, who was super nice and let me duck out to fix the problems.


The whole thing has been miraculously rescheduled to a time all my committee and I can make, but I'm still feeling shaken.

Gifs of warm fuzzies, please?

*The A exam, or "admission to candidacy" exam, is a big fucking deal. It is the most harrowing of the grad school exams, and in my department, is not only a test of knowledge, but your ability to endure pressure and write papers continuously for days on end. It has both written and oral components, and the oral part is where all the committee members get to grill you at the same time on all the bad things you wrote and interrogate you about your general knowledge, Inquisition-style. It has broken many a better scholar than I.