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So I don't know if you guys remember my freak outs about applying to graduate school for a masters in social work, but I made it through (thanks to everyone who read/edited personal statements and such)! And now I have some acceptances! But now comes the part that I always knew would suck: trying to decide.


Right now it's between two schools (even though I'm still waiting for decisions/financial aid from three schools). Any advice on how to navigate this decision I'm about to make?

School 1: Boston University

-BU is in Boston, about an hour away from where my parents live, which has the added bonus of being able to stay on their MA centered health insurance
-They gave me a 3/4 tuition scholarship, meaning that I will be billed for ~$7k
-BU has a great reputation in Massachusetts and it is somewhat likely I would end up in MA when I start a career

-Cost of living in Boston is scary high
-They don't guarantee comparable funding year to year (I spoke to the financial aid counselor, this is mostly to cover their asses, but still...)
-It's possible that I am trying to stay in my comfort zone during a time when I maybe should be branching out

School 2: University of Pittsburgh

-Cost of living is lower and they give you a free transportation card
-They have a Center on Race and Social Problems
-They have guaranteed funding me ~2/3 of their tuition each semester, meaning I will be billed for ~$8k


-It's doubtful that I would stay in Pittsburgh after receiving my degree

So, if you know about social work programs, how do you suppose I go about making this decision? I have started talking to a BU student and am attending a UPitt accepted students weekend, but I have to make a decision by NEXT TUESDAY (thanks Obama).


If you don't know about social work programs, what are your thoughts on Pittsburgh as a city vs. Boston as a city?

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