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Last night, Child graduated from high school. So I wanted to put this here.

Now, for some people that might not be that big a thing (it wasn’t in my family—my graduation present was not a car, but a typewriter for college), and for some it might be a shame (not at 17? not even at 18??) but for Spouse and me, it was a miracle.

You see, my wonderful 19-year-old daughter has been dealing for the past five years with body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety, being misgendered, and parents who have never thought much about some of the things that are important to her—the whole schmear. And in spite of that, she’s made it through high school.


In two weeks, she will be undergoing facial feminization surgery (FFS). Once she recovers, she’s planning to start college part-time, and then on to bottom surgery sometime after the new year.

She is absolutely amazing. Creative, thoughtful, temperamental, maddening, loving, artistic. All of these and more. As her counselor said at graduation, “[her] puzzle isn’t finished yet. Shine on!”

Being part of this community has helped me to deal with her situation and to understand her a bit better. The puzzle isn’t finished yet, not by a long way, but it’s nice to have some pieces fall into place. Thanks, all.

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