Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Graduation freakout

I'm ready to graduate...but I'm also not. I'm terrified...I've come to love this place. I hated my university experience during my freshman year, but thanks to persistence and a good group of friends and getting involved in activities, I was able to find my place. I want to leave because I'm ready to move on to another stage of my life, but I'm scared! And worried! It's in 2 weeks! AHHHHH! I'll be home for a year, so it's not like I'm all out on my own after this. But I'm going to miss my friends, the freedom to go out when I want to, the opportunities, etc. And there are so many things that I haven't done here that I wanted to do! Anyway, point is, this is very surreal.


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