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Graduation Party suggestions

Hey everyone! I’m graduating from college in 15 days! Ahhh! So I’m having a grad party at my cousin’s house after the ceremony and I have questions.

There’s going to be about 30 people there and this is the biggest event I’ve ever planned on my own. I ordered food from a local BBQ place to be delivered about an hour after the party starts. Should I get some appetizers together as well? The party starts at 11am.

Also, should I try to plan some activities or games or anything, or will food and drink be enough entertainment? I’m planning on getting some beer and wine (maybe 2 cases and a few bottles) and asking people to bring what they’d like for themselves if they want anything specific. I was planning on hooking up my speaker for music, and there will be a fire pit outdoors to gather around since it’s probably going to be pretty cold that day.


I want to decorate a little, but I’m footing the bill for the party myself and also short on time to DIY anything.

Any other tips for hosting a party this size?

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