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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Graduation presents: What would you ask for?

Hey hivemind, how are you all doing tonight/today?

So I'm graduating soon (at least I hope so, I have my defense/final presentation tomorrow, I will know my grade then!) and boyfriend and parents are asking questions like 'what do you want for your graduation?' * and I have no idea what to ask! So I wondered, what would YOU ask for?


I tend to think of what I actually need. But there's not lots of things I actually need, because I got them or can get them. So now the list consists of :

  • iPad
  • City trip
  • Clothes with no holes in them that I can wear to work? (parents and boyfriend have different tastes from me so maybe no)
  • Jewellery? (ditto)
  • A fox (verdict rang: no)
  • I'm out of ideas

How am I so bad at this?? Dang. Things I really want are time off from work & travelling the world (not going to happen due to various reasons) & going to festivals or concerts or experiences or something. But those are not good gifts to ask for.

What would you ask for GT? If you could ask for anything moderately reasonable? Dream away!


*I realise I'm about the luckiest person on the planet that the problem I get to focus on right now is what kind of stuff do I ask for.

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