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Grammar Nazis, This Is Your Dream

Sorry, ultra sorry for the double post. I know you probably see too much of me nowadays but I feel horrid and I need your help. Okay, if you must know, I've always had this lingering dream of becoming a writer. I know I'm not good at it but I have been working on it. The comments I got on my mainpaged article attracted a lot of trolls, but only one person said that it sounded like a "high school essay". Then, I went to Facebook, and I saw all the comments. There was one (with 16 likes!) that said:

This article is so poorly written. While it may have a good message, I couldn't get past how bad the writing is. Sad.


16 people agree!

And also:

Super important topic. Too bad it's wrapped in a turd of terrible writing and questionable grammar. Like for serious. The writing is awful. I can't even...

Okay, seriously? I have never studied grammar properly in my life. I just grew up reading lots of books, though I haven't read anything substantial in a long time. What is wrong with my grammar?

Grammar Nazis/ Writers, I need your help!

I have had (see, proper grammar right?) enough already. Please tell me how to be better at writing.

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