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Grammar policing amusement and gross dog medication question

I’m a copy editor, and my company’s marketing department just forwarded an irate email sent in response to a conference registration email (which my co-worker wrote and I edited). The subject line was “Where will your next inspiration come from?”

It certainly will not originate from you! With such poor grammar, a little effort you could have phrased your sentence so it would not end with “from”. That is pathetic grammar. You may think it is acceptable, but some of us have standards.

I really wanted to reply with a quote from AP — particularly the line that says “[The rule against ending a sentence with a preposition] is becoming a thing of the past, but it might inflame the purists in your audience.”


And the really amusing thing? Despite his slavish adherence to using double spaces after periods and not splitting verb phrases, he manages to include a dangling modifier and a basic punctuation error in a four-sentence email, not to mention that the second sentence is such a mess it needs to be rewritten entirely. I swear, it’s always amateurs who throw tantrums like this. The professionals generally hold their tongues about typos and grammar issues unless they’re getting paid.

And the gross dog medication question: If you’ve ever given your dog gabapentin, have you noticed a difference in their poop? Buster is usually constipated for the first day or two, which is normal. But also, his poop gets HUGE. He generally poops at least three or four times a day, and it looks like your standard little-dog poop. Whenever he’s on gabapentin, he only poops once or twice a day, and it looks like it came from a much bigger dog. It’s big enough that I’m surprised he can get it out, although he doesn’t seem to struggle at all.

Note: I invariably make at least one error in any post where I mention I’m a copy editor, because self-editing isn’t effective and the powers that be enjoy laughing at me.

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