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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello. Famed traveler Granddad Da God here. For most people, traveling is something they do. Whether it's for business or person family stuff, people don't think about it. For me, traveling is the way I live. It's just in my blood. I was born to travel.

Sometimes, when I'm at these places I feel one with the locals. I immerse myself with their culture. For instance, in my trip to India, I slept on a dirty twin-sized mattress. It was a far jump from my King mattress back home. That was a wake up call. It really cemented for me how great I have it. We need to do something about the the people that are suffering.


I think all of you should take a trip here at least once in your lives. It's a magical place that is suffering deeply. You owe it to yourselves to be humbled by these people. It may take you multiple times. I didn't feel it until my sixth trip. That's when it was decided that this story needs to be told. The word needs to get out about the living conditions that these people live in. No one in the media is talking about the things that happen in countries like India, though. I'm glad to be able to start a conversation that needs to be had. Hopefully, my writing can encourage people to pay attention to the atrocities happening all over the world, not just India.

Just think about. What would it be like if you had to wake up in a dirty bed, with no maid to make it up for you? Lucky for us Americans, none of us have to experience that tragedy.

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