My grandmother over the weekend was talking about how she had to join the co-ed bowling team* in order to get my Pop Pop to notice her because she liked him but he was completely oblivious. She said "What did you think this all happened on accident?" Is my grandmother an original PUA?

*She does like bowling and it was something they did off and on for years in leagues. She had to switch swinging groups though in order to make it happen.

She also told a story about her old boyfriend before my Pop Pop. They pulled over to makeout one night and he simultaneously turned in the driver to face her and take off his glasses at the same time. Well in the maneuver he got his arm stuck in the steering wheel and my grandmother said it was too funny she couldn't stop laughing at him. That was apparently their last date. She said it was okay, "He had the worst table manners in the world, and was so messy when he ate I couldn't imagine having to live with that."