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Grandview Golf Course Owner’s Jordan Chronister Act Was Almost Certainly About Racism

Five African American women who are members. The co owner called the cops on them. They played 9 holes under 2 hours. I played a lot of golf in college and in early 20s two people playing 9 holes under 2 hours is good. Five people is fast. Although most courses ban more then 4. The course I went to encouraged no more then 3 and would ask foursomes to split up. But this course in article allowed it

If these were 5 white men or women the owner would have done nothing. This owner did. He told them to leave AND called the cops.

Sorry Jordan Chronister the owner this was almost certainly about race.

If this was not racist then he needs to show him having done this to 5 white men. He won’t because under two hours is not slow.


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