Because I am sleep deprived, but SERIOUSLY, Guy across from me in the b-hall study space (the designated QUIET area with tons of posted signs about no loud conversation, cell phones, or audio playback, same rules as in the library) WHY THE HELL would you think it's cool to play grating reggaeton music from your laptop speakers (i.e. WITHOUT headphones) when everyone around you is glaring because they are clearly trying to study? Can you not go out to your car if you want to jam, quit being a dick and turn the music off, or find some flipping headphones?

I can't stand reggaeton, though, it's that 3+2 rhythm that drives me batty. It makes me feel seasick. I tried to melt his laptop with the powers of my mind- didn't work.

Damn kids, dag nabbit, get off my lawn, etc.