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Graphic Novel Prince Of Pieces: What Did I Read It Reminded Me Of Lost In Space Episode

Spoilers space






I saw this graphic novel for $2.99 at a thrift shop called Prince of Pieces. It looked bizarre. I sat down on a couch, well the second couch the first the seat was way to soft. I swear its rare to find a firm couch in a thrift shop.


I sat down to read it. If was a dollar I would have bought it $2.99 it was too thin so I decided to read it there and save the money. Ok its ethically grey but it saves money.

The novel was about a statue of Jesus coming to life in a Catholic Church while witnesses a priest about to harm an alter boy. The alter boy ran when seeing the statue. The Statue Jesus killed the priest while using phrases from the Bible.

A sidestory about this young man and his girlfriend. His grandmother gives lots of money to this Pat Robertsn type figure.

Statue Jesus kills some more then in a crowd he kills this minister denouncing people who are lgbt. The crowd yells epitaths at Jesus.


So Statue Jesus is on a murderous rampage although he took the time to hand a butterfly to a little girl.

SJ gets captured by Pat Robertson tyoe character and is put on display, the grandmother is there. The grandson and girlfriend go to rescue grandma.


Well yada yada escape kills minisiter. Captures girlfriend. He tells gifrlfriend these shows were suppose to announce his second coming but the plan turned horribly wrong due to hatred and fear and greed. Boyfriend finds them and “nails” Statue Jesus on a barn wall. It ends with SJ gone.

Does this mean book 2?

All this time I kept thinking statue comes to life goes on rampage. I saw this before. Oh Lost in Space season two. I had to look up episode name but it was Blast of Into Space. Doctor Smith accidently brings a statue to life and statue wants to kill the good doctor.


Its actually one of my favorite episodes. First
pic is from Lost In Space.

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