I recently started working at a non-profit that does a lot of work with public broadcasting - yay! Even more exciting, I have my own office (with a window)! The office walls are blank and beige, which are super-boring, but I’m allowed to decorate. So I decided to keep it in line with PBS, and bought a few vintage Sesame Street Little Golden books, scanned the illustrations at high-res, and used my elderly copy of Photoshop to tweak them a bit into nice 8 x 10 prints. They look awesome, and I’m excited to hang them up.

BUT, I have never printed something up like this, and I don’t know what kind of paper will work best, if I can print them on the office color printer (already cleared the usage with my boss), or if I should take them to Kinko’s or something. I know I need something a step up from our normal copy paper, but this is out of my realm of experience.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but please bear in mind that I’m trying to keep the cost for this reasonable, so I won’t be getting super-expensive paper nor buying a high-tech printer. (Also, FYI, I don’t get any direct sun in my office, so fading is less of a concern than if I were going to hang them in full sun.)

Can you help me make my office awesome, GT?