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Gratitude list

Ok, I've done enough complaining to you lovely people, so here's a few things I'm grateful for:

  1. In spite of everything going on, I got A's on my first two tests of the semester. I texted my mom this information and she sent me back a gazillion gold emoji stars, and it was the greatest thing ever.
  2. I have my first OKC date (since reactivating my account) tonight. We are going to an art gallery opening and then for drinks afterwards. I'm very excited, and I have two other guys who seem quite promising that I'm communicating with. Even if nothing comes of them, I'm stoked to be getting out and meeting people.
  3. My body positive efforts seem to be paying off. Even though I've gained a little weight on a new medication I'm taking, I feel much better about how I look than ever before.
  4. Since cutting wheat out of my diet, I feel SO much better physically. My sleep has improved, my legs don't ache in the morning, and my skin is clearing up.
  5. My relationship with my mom and her side of the family has been really good lately. I opened up to her about a couple of my struggles and she really heard me out and was there for me. This is a fairly new thing and it feels really good.
  6. I had a very successful dinner party last weekend. All of my friends that I invited showed up, and we had a stupid amount of fun drinking this apple cider sangria I made and playing cards against humanity for hours. Everybody seemed to get along famously and it was wonderful, and everyone's food they brought was awesome.
  7. Even though I've only had posting privs on GT for a short while, y'all have sent me so much in the way of good vibes and sage advice, both about my difficulties at home and in my romantic life, and I just wanted to say thank you. I think this is a great community and I'm very appreciative.

Your turn! What's going well for you?

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