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Grave Robbing Of 2017 No Shovels And Legal

This so ticks me off. The Mormon Church who owns ancestry websites and other good place to research ones ancestors. Why they got into I have no idea but turned out quite profitable.

Well the Mormon Church is encouraging folks to give them the names of their ancestors so.these dead ancestors can be baptised. Can we just call it for what it is. A money making stunt to increase the number of their members looking up who their ancestors were so they can be baptised. Who profits from this research? Mormon Church. Modern day grave robbery instead of robbing directly from the dead they take from their members who naively believe in this nonsense.

Oh if I was a ghost and some fool descendent of mine did this I would haunt them. Along with the money grubbers exploiting my descendents and me. If the dead wanted to be baptised as Mormon they would have done so while alive its exploiting the dead and their descendents just to make money.


I so despise this religion. I recall as a child in the 1970s a friend we were both 10. He was a Mormon and in school his teacher told him that black skin was the Mark of Cain and thats why they are violent. How the hell can any “Christian” teacher teach this? His family moved a few years later I wonder if he and his classmates believe this still. Yes my friend believed it. Why? Because his teacher said it.

If folks on their own want to research their ancestors because they are interested that’s cool. I even understand that with overhead and costs the Church has to charge. I get it. This though crosses the line this is grave robbing. This is exploiting their members trust in the Church and the dead for profit.

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