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Grave Stone and BBQ Question

We went with my cousin to a grave site ceremony of this woman whom I met just a few times, I do kinda know the daughter but my late grandmother and the woman were friends and my mother remembered her. My cousin knows her because her cousin (on her mothers side) is bbf with the daughter and my cousin’s mother were friends with the daughter’s mother. My understanding my late grandmother, my late grandmother’s late sister in law and this woman whose service it was used to hang out together. Although my late grandmother would have been 16 years older granted I believe that was close to the age difference between her and her sister in law. Going to have to fet details from my mother I am utterly confused.

So we went with my cousin she picked us up and then she picked up her friend. Her friend kept us waitng 10 minutes while she was getting ready. My cousin explained this was why she picked us up early since her friend always gets ready at the last minute and my cousin says she always waits. I was not happy. My mother and I were ready far before she picked us up. Why? Courtesy to the one driving if waitng is rare, fine but accordng to my cousin it is shocking when her friend is ready on time.

So we went to the service at the cemetary. I walked around before it started and saw this tombstone.


The first part read about a loving father, grandfather and husband. Followed with a line of his name then line of date of birth and death.

Then it read his beloved wife with her date of birth. Not death so I assume she is alive

Under this was the line “Her Beloved Husband”. Name and date of birth and death. So in that plot is her first husband and her second. I do not know if the caskets are stacked or side by side.

Is this common? I have never seen this.

The service lasted 10 minutes. It seemed the priest did not know the deceased. On a personal note when my late grandmother died I really hated that the priest had no idea who she was. I understand it in practical terms, my late gradmother had not gone to church in decades so yeah the priest would not know her.


So we went to the bbq after at the daughter’s house. It was 11:30ish and 80ish and the food was out when we got to the house. The house is literally two blocks away. I never, ever eat anything with mayo at a bbq or any summer party that’s outside during the day. Am I alone in this? Mayo can turn rancid rather quickly.

I had a hamburger, salad with no dressing and kielbasa in red sauce in crock pot that was on low. I love kielbasa. Can you believe my cousin does not? How can anyone not like kielbasa. Its a sausage that was all cut up.

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