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Graze Box review

I got my first Graze box last week! Graze is a subscription service that sends me a box of 4 snacks each week, for only $6 a box (shipping included). I'm trying it out in an attempt to break my afternoon runs to the corner store for potato chips and other assorted junk. I thought about it and decided that I'm probably spending the same amount of money on junk.

I also have friend codes! So read to the bottom if you're interested.

Contents: (looks like 2 savory and 2 sweet snacks) El Picante, Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack, Toffee Apple, Nature's Immunity Nuts


El Picante - paprika baguettes, spicy chili peanuts, and jumbo corn

I'm not a fan of corn nuts or anything in that vein, but these were tasty! I'm concerned that the snacks are too small to hold me over in that long stretch between lunch and dinner, but it's worth a shot. The kick of flavor was a cure for the snack craving, small quantity be damned. And since I don't usually like corn nuts, the peanuts and little bread sticks gave it enough variety to keep it from being something I would have turned down in the store.

Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack - rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon

It's a granola bar! But soft and chewy. Good, but not over-sweet, and more dense than I expected. Held me over for the rest of the day, too. Do like!


Toffee Apple - toffee sauce with granny smith apple

This is the only one that says how many calories it contains on the package (70). Presumably because it looks like it is made of candy, because toffee sauce! The apples are dried, and there didn't look like very many, so I got to drown them in tasty sweet sauce. I liked it, but it was little sweet and I think set off a sugar craving.


Nature's Immunity Nuts - Brazil, Cashew & Pistachio

Nuts! Nuts are good. Bland, but good. Probably will ask not to send me these again though.


So, that's my box. Over all, I'd say that while the portion sizes look disappointing when I'm used to bags of chips on permanent sale and other convenience store fare, the flavors were enough to kick the hunger cravings without contributing to me feeling like all I do is eat all day. Each box does come with the nutritional information for the included snacks, if you're into that kind of thing. It looks like my week 2 snacks vary from 80-210 calories per snack. I already logged into the site to tell which snacks I liked, loved, or don't want more of.

Anyone interested in trying out Graze? (They'll also send to your work if you like!) You can sign up with my friend code and get your 1st and 5th boxes free: GLNL9KVFB For me, they've been arriving with the mail on Mondays.

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