Speaking of oils, I’ve recently discovered, and fallen madly in love with, hair oil.

I ended my run with Ipsy and picked up Birchbox instead, and received this little gem:

This stuff might be magic, and I say this as a person who dislikes a lot of things. I’ve been on a mission for my own personal “perfect products,” and I really think this one is one of them. I can use it on my thin, fine hair and it doesn’t make it greasy. In fact, I’ve been using it in lieu of conditioner after a moisturizing shampoo, and it’s been wonderful. My hair is easier to comb through, it doesn’t get so easily tangled, it’s not as staticky, and it smells freaking delicious.

I received a sample of Shu Uemura hair oil in this month’s box, but I don’t like it nearly as much. It’s thinner and requires a lot more product, and costs about two and a half times as much.


What are your favorite miracle hair products?