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They cut our hours at one of my jobs last month from 17 to 13 which didn't affect me that much because I had to cut back to about that much due to my new job. But now my supervisor just told me that they are completely cutting the archives down to one person - the person who has been here the longest aka not me. It's possible that we can come back but at least not for the next semester and this might even start at the end of the month. That leaves me with one shift at my least favorite part of my job. A whopping 6.5 hours a week. Add that to my other job and it's 24.5 hours a week. I applied for a full time position at BPL - same job just full time hours - but there are so many people vying for it. I'm particularly nervous about one person as I found out that she is going to be working on a new initiative with them. One that involves bikes that I'm utterly not interested in. She is great and is completely deserving if they pick her but I just need this job. Everyone else has other jobs that give them way more hours and probably better pay. I really fucking hate this juggling of jobs. And being fucking broke.

I want to make myself look more attractive for BPL but I haven't really been provided with ways to do that. I might just straight up ask my boss. Argghhhh.


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