Some of you sawthe post about my 70 yo mom's decision to enter rehab for a prescription drug & alcohol problem and some pretty startling resulting memory loss, so here's the update after I talked to her.

She sounded great, and she's actually pretty psyched to be back over in "intake" (ie, the detox wing). "The food's better, the rooms are MUCH nicer, and I don't have to take the damned scooter all over creation to get to a smoking area." (Point a, she quit smoking about 7 years ago, but sobriety & smoking go hand in hand and point b, she was pissssssed when they wouldn't give her a scooter last week. Not surprisingly, she won, even though she is able-bodied, uh, ish, enough not to need one. She's just also kind of a bitch, and definitely lazy. I find the whole thing pretty hysterical.)

She sounded so upbeat about the program and the people and the intake area that I hated to broach the memory loss subject, but she was like "Eh, yeah, apparently it's a problem. It doesn't feel any worse than when I was at home, so I'm not worried about it." I mean, WE all still are, but she's just like "Labeled, I'm old. I've been on these drugs for a long time and it can't be a surprise it's killed off a lot of brain cells." So she completely discounts the idea of Alzheimer's and I agree at the moment until/unless we get different info. The big question will be whether it's reversible or not.

We're going to see her this weekend, and she's completely psyched about that, though she's not thrilled to have to admit to my stepdad that she's smoking again. (Her secret is out - he called one day and the nurse said something like "Oh, I think she's smoking, hang on...")

Thanks for letting me ramble, y'all really were a fantastic help the other day as I tried to process some of this.