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Great. Because the Comic Con Articles Weren't Enough

You had to run a fake geek girl article right now on Kotaku when the site is full of men claiming that female cosplayers are either professional models or ugly, which makes it perfectly reasonable challenge every female cosplayer at Comic Con to root out the fake geek girls. Oh and the real fake geek girls should react well when guys do that, since anything less would be mean to the guy.

Note to Gawker staff: when your user base has a bunch of sexists and you have a huge influx of sexism, so you try to fix that by pointing out sexism, it will make the problem worse. They will just talk about how it's not sexist because it's totally true man, and upvote each other so that the people being harmed by sexism can only see the sexist responses.


I'm looking for a job. I've come up with some great business rules for a flagging system. You cannot reign this in without flagging. Critical mass is working against your goals on making Kotaku inclusive. Make me a deal.

I'm tired of it. I have enough to deal with in my life without this shit and I will not read Kotaku if this is how women can expect to be treated there.

I swear to God, if I see one more asshole saying that actual geek girls should be nice in response to insults and sexual harassment— or they are man-hating bitches— I will destroy this bag of corn chips.

Think of the corn chips, men. Think of the corn chips.

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